Adelfo Campos

A little about myself

Well where do I begin? I've been called many things throughout my life and recently, at least to my girlfriend, I'm the nerd. What do I say? I like to think of myself as a person who loves life and loves to learn and maybe a bit nerdy, just a bit. I love to travel and explore, going places I've never been to before and experiencing new cultures, meeting new people, tasting new foods. This earth has so many beautiful places and so many beautiful people that are just waiting to be found. I am also very passionate about space and the universe. I am one to prefer going star gazing on a clear summer night than go out to party. I'm curious about the universe, I want to know what is out there and who is out there, that is also why I am a huge sci-fi fan. When it comes to books, movies and videogames anything that has to do with sci-fi, especially space operas, I will gobble down. I Love the Star Wars movies (well the original trilogy at least), some of my favorite television shows include most things Star trek, Firefly(bummer it didn't last long), and Stargate. When it comes to video gamesI would consider myselfa gamer,I have been playing since the NES days and to this day find myself playing games here and there. Some of myfavorite games include the Legend of Zelda series, Shenmue, Mass Effect, Chrono Trigger, and many Final Fantasy games.

A day without learning is a day wasted.

That quote pretty much defines my personal philosophy. I'm one to believe that the best university is the university of life. I'm huge on technology and it started when I was fairly young. Cracking open my dead gameboy or any old computer that I got my hands on just to see what was inside and try to fix them, albeit to no avail. Most of what I know about computers is self taught with trial and error experiments. It was later in my life that I started experimenting withprogramming because I wanted to make an addOn to the game World of Warcraft. That's when I started picking up books and watching videos on programming. I attended Saint Peter's University and at first I wanted to major in physics so I can be an astrophysicist like my man Carl Sagan, but later decided to go into computer science and so I got my bachelor's degree in computer science with a focus in management information systems. It leans more towards the business side of technology although I did do programming. I chose this route rather then the hardcore programming because I like interacting with people and I like to be in the business aspects of things, also because I like how I look in a suit.


Well my work experience includes a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I started working at a young age, around 15, doing whatever I could get my hands on at the time. I've done some commercial cleaning, security guard, doorman, janitor, some volunteer EMT work. Now that I look back at these jobs I realised they all had some kind of people/costumer interaction to them. Unfortunately after finishing my degree I was not able to land a job in what I majored in because the lack of experience and employers were right, I am a bit lacking in that department, at least for the career path that I am looking for. I decided to gain more experience in my field. I started this websume to have a project to show off. However it is not the best of my potential; I still believe I have a long way to go before I start making awesome sites Currently I am working for Dell as a technician and assigned to the New York Department of Education project. My job consists of going to various schools around NYC and organizing, installing and configuring computers, printers and basically anything that would have to do with IT. On my downtime I am reading up and taking online classes on Ruby on Rails, I'd like to learn RoR so I could add that to my web development skills. I have some other projects in the works, including a blog to help me improve on my writing skills and a game I am developing with Unity to improve on my programming. What I lack in experience, I make up for in my drive and willingness to learn. Check out my Linkedin profile.


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Runner game

Infinite Runner Game

Click on the picture to check out the infinite runner game I made. Art credit goes to Tomfulp and Mindchamber. You can check out more of their art work here on their profile